Friday, May 6, 2011

Tile Whisperer

This is my second post today, challenge #3 at Paper Crafting with Creative Vision is to do an altered item.

I started this project a few days ago, and after stamping and stamping and stamping, (each time I smeared the words), I gave up. I guess I was just trying too hard to get it right.  The sentiment is from a old Creative Vision stamp set called Gone Hunting.

This tile is small enough it could be a Christmas ornament, or you could add a magnet on the back. I kind of fibbed, I did get it stamped right one time, when I started, since I was thinking Christmas ornament, I stamped with Blazing Red Stazon….when I think of blazing red, I picture a fire engine. After I stamped it, the color looked pinkish to me, so I quickly wiped it off. I am, and always will be a tomboy, and pink is my least favorite color. I can’t stand the pink guns I have seen for girls, or the women’s hunting clothing with pink. To me pink is a girly girl color, those sissies that scream at the sight of a bug, not one to see out in the woods. So after that I tried and tried with olive green Stazon until I gave up.

I figured I’d work on it today, this time around I stamped with jet black Stazon, and got it right the first time. I wrapped some dark red with gold shimmer around it, glued in place with Aleene’s tacky glue, then tied a bow at the top.

I have been so busy this week getting the log home straightened up for this weekend. My DH is picking his Mother up at the Nursing Home in the morning and bringing her down for the day, some of his family will be gathered here tomorrow, and I won’t be able to play at all Sad smile. Since Tuesday the days have just flown by, I clean a little, play a little, then clean some more. I didn’t even realize until just a little bit ago, that today is the last day for this challenge, so I’ll have to post my other projects later. The sad news is I have to return to non-stamping land tomorrow evening Sad smile, I have lots of grass to cut & weed eating to do. We wanted to get some more turkey hunting in, but unfortunate things kept popping up and preventing us from going. Spring turkey season is almost over here, and we have only been out two times.

Thanks for stopping by, and I love reading your comments.

Happy Stamping!

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